Historical Society

Hunters Hill Historical Society held its first meeting in 1961. The Society is based at Hunters Hill Town Hall, where Hunters Hill Council provides an area for the Society within the building. This area is primarily given over to a Museum, run by the Society.

The Society, which was incorporated in 1997, is run by local volunteers. Activities include caring for the museum, publishing local history material, listening to authoritative speakers on matters of history, and visiting places of historical significance in local and nearby areas.

The objectives of the Society as stated in the constitution are:

  • the collection, acquisition and preservation of all material relevant to the municipality of Hunters Hill
  • to encourage and foster an interest in the development of the municipality with particular regard to the natural beauty and character and preservation of historical associations, monuments etc.
  • the dissemination of information to members and others by lectures, exhibitions, discussions, publications and research
  • provision of suitable memorials, places and events
  • to affiliate with or join other organisations with like interests as the committee of management shall determine

The Society has been fortunate in having many devoted, loyal and hardworking members over many years, and this is as true today as it was in the past. Currently the Society has over 100 registered members, but is always looking for more interested people to join.

The Society sees itself as a custodian of the past and also the guardian of the present for the benefit of future generations who will share in their time the privilege and pleasure of living in Hunters Hill.